How to Maintain Your Motorcycle

Love your bike and want to keep it in perfect condition? You can do this easily by following a few maintenance tips.




Regularly check the tyres for cuts and scrapes, stones are embedded
Check the air pressure in a tire supply
Regularly check the placement of the tire


Make sure that the brakes are not very tight or lose
Replacing the brake pads is used if you always hear the shrill sound
Make sure that the brake fluid at the correct level
Periodically, check to see if there is dust or dirt accumulated on the brake Shoes
Spark plug


From time to time, you should check if the spark plug is functioning properly
Remove the spark plug and clean the area
Immerse yourself in some gasoline or kerosene and wipe with a clean cloth
Make sure that the electrodes are clean and properly connected
Replace spark plugs rusted or damaged immediately


Regularly check the battery terminal and remove the build-up of sediment or dirt
Use a brush to remove dirt and sediments
Make sure that the fuse is working properly
Checking for leaks on drums
If you have a battery with distilled water, then you should change the water once intwo months
Battery life is easy to use and does not require any maintenance. But you don’t have to use because your life is over


Clean the headlights and taillights with a clean cloth every day
You can do the same for the brake lights and indicators are also
Put the power and check the focus of light and brightness of the light
If the parallel light beam, see soon
Immediately replace the back Cove and indicators


Make sure that the cables are properly connected horns
Wipe with dry cloth every day
Engine oil


Regularly check the engine oil level
Change the engine oil after the specified
Air filter


If the air filter is made of paper, just type it to remove any accumulation of dust
If the air filter is made of foam, you should wash in solvent and dry before attachingagain
When driving


The reaction of the drive changes from bike to bike. Check the level of discount onYour motorcycle manual and make sure that the level is maintained at all times
Set up a network using the nut on the rear axle and swingarm
Check the wheel alignment, before tightening the nut
Make sure that the chain is lubricated properly so that smooth motion


Check the cable connected to the clutch for all connection loose
Adjust using the clamping nut and screw adjuster

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